Team Rurok

You’ve seen the bike, now meet the team behind it. The Rurok team is a collection of diverse individuals united by a common passion of riding bikes and the dream to do it our way.



Hi, I’m PJ.  My happiness comes from imagining things in my mind then turning them into physical objects. I’m a Design Engineer for many other things, but Rurok Bikes has a special place in my heart. For me, Rurok Bikes is a statement that there’s no reason to feel inferior about our own skin, and that we all can be out there with the best of them. Rurok is the dream we share with all our riders.



Hi. I’m Walrus Halamani, and I am a bike addict. If day-dreaming about mountain bikes were a sport, I probably would be a pro at it. Unfortunately, the Professional Mountain Bike Day-Dreaming League has yet to be founded. To pass time, and more importantly, earn money to sustain this truthfully expensive hobby, I moonlight as a salesman for a multi-national manufacturing firm. I am responsible for the ridiculously named Walrus Progressive Geometry for the Cordillera and future Rurok Bikes. With that thought, may the gods look kindly upon us



Hi guys my Name is Chino. I am a Territory Manager for a global Petroleum company and I am also working for Rurok as their team rider. I love mountain biking, it keeps me fit and allows me to see the wonders of the outdoors while meeting cool people. I am with Rurok because I am fulfilling my dream of growing the sport of mountain biking in the Philippines as a job.



My name is Julien Gabriel Cleto and I have been riding bicycles since I was a kid but this really became a serious hobby about 12 years ago. Of course biking is a great way to keep fit but I ride primarily because I feel liberated on two wheels. When I’m riding it’s just me and my bike, nothing else. Not today’s worries, yesterday’s failures, or tomorrow’s concerns. Of course I do live in the real world and in order to fund my expensive hobby I work as a consumer research practitioner. Rurok is such an exciting venture for me first and foremost because I see it as a towering achievement of friends. Secondly, the brand for me showcases what Filipinos can do, for Filipinos. How we can take what we have and how we are able to translate that into machines that work for us best.



I’m Isa Munoz Halamani, and to me, there’s nothing better than escaping to the great outdoors on weekends! I believe everyone should carve out a little time to take care of themselves, and mountain biking is a great way to keep your body fit, and your soul nourished. On tough days, it can instill mental resilience as well: great for those who deal with a lot of stress during the week. Rurok makes this a great option for more Filipinos, being optimized for Pinoy trails and riders. I also do photography, and luckily, mountain biking is a super photogenic sport!



Ericson Corpuz took the vision of what Rurok is, in letters and graphic elements. Being a mountain bike enthusiast for years, he brings his passion to making bikes look good to the team of like-minded weekend riders and bike geeks. It is fair to say that he is excited and proud to be on board for the “first ever” Filipino-designed full suspension bike.