DOST National Science and Technology Week

It is such a privilege to be invited and take part in such a meaningful and prestigious event as the DOST National Science and Technology Week. We hope that even in some small way we were able to inspire our next generation of innovators! We hope to see you at the world trade center manila!…

All Sorts of Testing

Race tested by Team Rurok-Bontrager, and tested durable by the EN 14766:2005 Safety Regulation for Mountain Bikes.

Distribution Day 2

The second distribution day for the Rurok Cordillera. Shoutout to everyone who joined us, from the Rurok owners to test riders, we appreciate your support! Special thanks to Mr. Reinier Layson for flying in all the way from Iloilo to pick up his frame.

Distribution Day 1

We’d like to thank everyone who came to the Army Trail today! It was great seeing everyone there — some of whom we knew from way back, and some who we met for the first time. Thank you for your trust, and for sharing our vision. We look forward to seeing you guys on the…

Production Headbadges

Fresh off the laser cutter! Here’s the production headbadge made from 304 grade stainless steel, serialized from 1-50, exclusive to Rurok Insiders. Everyone who pre-ordered will get two badges: the one on the left in stainless steel and another one, on the right, in 3D printed carbon fiber.

1st Patiis Enduro Attack

The 1st Patiis Enduro Attack was held last March 12, 2017, and Rurok Team Riders Chino Mendoza and Ken Narvasa joined the fun! The Rurok Cordillera in action under Team Rider Chino Mendoza at the 1st Patiis Enduro Attack. Congratulations to Ken Narvasa for placing 10th in the stacked 20-29 category. Chino joined the Elite…

Road to Cordillera at La Trinidad Raw Segment

The Road to Cordillera is home. On our first stop on the highlands, we visit a legend of sorts. We can’t say the name, we can’t tell you where it is exactly. But we know you’ve heard about it, asked about it and dreamt about it. We thank all the kind souls, (you know who…