Road to Cordillera

Road to Cordillera
Directed and edited by Edrie Ocampo
Produced by Rurok Bikes

Cinematography by Edrie Ocampo
Additional Camera Work by:
Nald Rigor, Isa Halamani and Chino Mendoza

Post Production by EOplus Inc.

“Kahimanawari,” Atas Album 1999
Album produced/released by Water Dragon and Tao Music
Copyright, performed and arranged by KALAYO Music Philippines (formerly PINIKPIKAN)
Like them on

Our heartfelt gratitude to all the awesome people who helped us in making this film.

The communities of
3skulls Tagaytay
Patiis, San Mateo, Rizal
Sta, Ignacia and San Jose, Tarlac
La Trinidad, Benguet
Bobok-Bisal,Bocod, Benguet

Team Rurok
PJ Tolentino
Walrus Halamani
Chino Mendoza
Julien Gabriel Cleto
Isa Munoz Halamani
Ericson Corpuz
Edrie Ocampo

Road to Cordillera Riders
Randee Vivo
Boyet Caliguiran
Edrie Ocampo
Kmaxx Fagyan
Chino Mendoza

Gemma Ocampo for lending us your Camera and accessories #edrielovesgemmasomuch

Maurie Ocampo for being always being there #tataylove

Melvin Quimosing and Aids Tecson for the lenses #salamatfriends

To all the riders and friends who were with us during the shoot and the journey along the way.

To God be the Glory

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