Rurok Cordillera v1 FAQ



  1. Q: How much is the Rurok Cordillera?
    • A: Please see prices by visiting our order form here.
  2. Q: When is the reservation period for the fifty limited edition Cordillera frame sets?
    • A: Reservation for the first fifty frames will be from Nov 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. The first fifty frames will come at special discounted price and serialized head badge.
  3. Q: How do I make a reservation for a Cordillera Frame Set?
  4. Q: When is the expected arrival of the frames?
    • A: Production will finish by March. We expect distribution to happen late March/early April 2017.
  5. Q: Why will it take so long?
    • A: The Cordillera went through a lot of testing and revisions. The Rurok Team prides itself into putting a lot of time and resources into development so that we can bring the best product forward.  It is only now that we are confident that the Cordillera is truly ready for mass production. We follow our manufacturer’s standard lead time of 90 days ensuring quality on their end, and more importantly, on yours.
  6. Q: When do I need to settle the balance amount for the items I reserved?
    • A: The balance is to be paid on or before receiving the frame for those who will be utilizing the designated pickup schedules (see item 7). For those who opt to have their frames shipped, full payment has to be made before delivery.
  7. Q: Can shipping be arranged if I cannot make it to any of the pick-up schedules?
    • A: Yes, we can arrange shipping. Costs (Shipping+Handling) to be shouldered by customers will depend on location and quantity ordered.
  8. Q: Do you ship to countries outside the Philippines?
    • A: Contact us directly for international shipping arrangements. Shipping + handling costs apply.
  9. Q: What will be included in the Cordillera frame packaging/box?
    • A: The box will include: 1. The Cordillera frame+Shock, 2. Frame Decals/Stickers, 3. Documentation 4. Warranty Card
  10. Q: How many years is the frame warranty?
    • A: Rurok bikes come with a 2 year warranty (subject to warranty terms and conditions).


Visit the Rurok Cordillera v1 Spec Sheet for geometry, travel and other technical details.

  1. Q: What is the intended use of the Cordillera?
    • A: The Cordillera was primarily designed with Trail/AM/Enduro riding in mind but no one’s preventing you from using it in an XC ride, or even a DH one. It’s efficient for enough for all day XC rides, yet burly enough for multiple runs in a DH track.
  2. Q: Will the frame be available without the shock?
    • A: No. All Cordillera frames come with a Fox Float DPS shock.
  3. Q: What will be the available frame sizes of the Cordillera? Will it fit me?
    • A: The Rurok Cordillera will be available in a medium size only. This size is suggested for riders with a height of 5’4″ to 5’11”. Gone are the days when frame size is determined by seat tube length. It’s long, low, slack. Adjust your stems as necessary. #WalrusProgressiveGeometry
  4. Q: What wheel sizes can be used with the Cordillera?
    • A: Frame was mainly designed around the 27.5″ wheelsize. The maximum tires that the frame can fit is 27.5+ 2.8″ (720mm OD). A 26″ tire can fit and will lower the bottom bracket height.
  5. Q: What is the recommended fork travel?
    • A: The Cordillera is recommended to be equipped with 140mm (general trail) up to 160mm (Enduro) forks.
  6. Q: What chainring should I use?
    • A: The recommended chainring for the Cordillera is 32T for 100% antisquat/antirise. The largest chainring that can fit is 34T.
  7. Q: Can I put an FD?
    • A: No, there are no provisions for an FD. The Cordillera is 1x compatible only.
  8. Q: What will be the available colors of the Cordillera?
    • A: The Rurok Cordillera will come in a raw finish only.
  9. Q: What is the type of Alloy used?
    • A: 6061 T6 Aliminum


  1. Q: What is the included rear shock?
    • A: 2017, FLOAT DPS, P-S, A, 3pos LV, FOX, AM, 7.875, 2.25, 0.4 Spacer, CL, RM, Climb F, Standard Logo
  2. Q: Can I get the frame without the Fox shock?
    • A: No. The frame mus come with the Fox Float DPS shock.
  3. Q: How can I get the Cordillera Frame and Fox suspension items I ordered?
    • A: We will be arranging four weekend pickup schedules in key trail centers within Luzon where you can pick up your order. We will update you with the pick-up schedules via our Facebook page, our website, or via email. Buyers may also opt to have their items shipped instead, subject to additional shipping and handling costs.
  4. Q: When will I get the Fox fork and/or dropper post I purchased?
    • A: Buyers can choose to pick up the Fox items as soon as Rurok receives them from Fox Philippines, or with the frame shipped together with the Cordillera frame set. Arrangements outside pickup schedules are subject to additional shipping and handling costs.

Reservation Agreement

By clicking submit, the undersigned (hereinafter, the “PURCHASER”) hereby manifests an intention to reserve and purchase from Rurok Industries (hereinafter, the “SELLER”) the unit specified above (hereinafter referred to as the “CORDILLERA”). The PURCHASER understands and agrees that the reservation for the CORDILLERA is subject to the following terms:
1. Reservation Fee. Upon execution of this Reservation Agreement [the “Agreement”], the PURCHASER shall pay the SELLER a Reservation Fee in the above mentioned amount, which shall be credited as part of the Purchase Price.
2. If the SELLER should decide not to proceed with production, the Reservation Fee shall be refunded in full to the PURCHASER.
3. Once production has commenced, PURCHASER forfeits his Reservation Fee as and by way of liquidated damages.
3.1. Force Majeure. SELLER will not be liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control.
4. Failure of the PURCHASER to pay the total purchase price at the end of the 60-day period from notice shall entitle the SELLER to cancel this Agreement, forfeit the Reservation Fee and offer the CORDILLERA to other interested parties with no further notice to the PURCHASER, written or otherwise.